I miss self harming

It’s weird how easily I can relapse and be okay with it and then how hard it is to do it again when I feel like I need to. I’m surrounded by a group of friends that support me and love me and I just don’t want them to find out, but if I could, I’d be doing it right now. I miss it, so much. It feels like I lost a friend or something.

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I totally get it. I’m addicted. People see the burns and cuts tho and it’s shocking for them but it feels so normal and not a big deal. But then I regret it in the morning.

Our silly old friend.  


I understand how you feel. I use to self harm too and I still want to at times. To me it felt like the physical pain made me feel better. So I would keep doing it hoping it would keep helping. Eventually I liked the feeling, as weird as that sounds. There are times I miss self harm and I still want to do it. But I do end up feeling bad about it. 

I know people always say that if you’re going to quit do it for yoursel. And that’s good if you can do it that way. I’m different tho. I started quitting for someone I love and then I kept from doing it because of mysel. It was nice not self harming. There will always be times that I want to do it. But I don’t because I don’t deserve that pain. 

I don’t know if this will help, but I don’t think you deserve that pain either.