What to do, what to do

I’m finally in the happiest relationship I’ve ever been in. I feel so good in it. He’s really thoughtful and caring and I feel very confident day in and day out when it comes to trusting him. I’m bisexual though, and I’m having a really hard time with maybe wanting to try new things and just venture out of my comfort zone. I also feels like this makes me a bad girlfriend. Does it? Am I a bad girlfriend for wanting these sorts of things?

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Your desires don’t make you a bad girlfriend. What would make you a bad girlfirnd is if you were dishonest with your boyfriend. Does he know you’re bisexual? If he doesn’t, maybe think about why you haven’t told him yet. What’s holding you back? 

It’s awesome that you’re in a happy relationship. But no relationship is healthy if the people in it can’t talk honestly about what’s going on in their heads and hearts. You should be able to come clean to him. And anyone who really loves you won’t judge you for your desires.

After all, what matters is what you do about/with your desires. (: Hope this helps!