I miss you

Today I really miss you, holding you. I miss seeing you smile. I miss your eyes. I feel quite lost. I don’t know why we won’t work. I know it’s complicated but i miss you a lot.. the worst part is you’ll never miss me. But I will always love you

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You are blessed with a heart that knows love and can hold love.  You are loyal.  Fortunatly you can love this person as long (or as short) as you want.

And you heart is big enough to move forward with all facets of your life including having another love someday.

I have learned that our thoughts lead our hearts.  Let yourself have these greiving thoughts but be sure for every greiving thought you think 2 positive thoughts.

Eros love is very imortant but it is just a part of life.  Be sure to nurture yourself in all of your many wonderful aspects.