It’s getting painful

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. Decoration have been hung for month, preparations being made, the smell of pine, and Christmas cookies flooding every inch of my home. It’s getting painful. As the cold sets in and the awaited day fast approaches, I can feel it coming back. The treacherous darkness that takes over my mind as soon as the holidays end, leaving me with nothing more than the feeling of “now what?” Soon there will be nothing to anticipate. Soon there will be nothing to distract. Soon the lights and Yule log will fade away and the warmth that was once provided by comforting drinks and family tradition will become nothing but pain. Day after day I will be reminded of how much it all hurts. I won’t be distracted by the beauty of it all. Pain. Now what?

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Boy you are not alone with dreading the end of the holidays.  The high is over…  Winter settles in….

But only Santa has come and gone!  The smell of pine can continue on in scented candles as well as the smell of cookies baked and given to senior Centers, food banks or neighbors. 

Make plans!  Something “big” and or several smaller things to look forward to.  A visit to a friend somewhere or invite them to you.  Concert tickets.  Start a new family tradition this year. Maybe,  The After Christmas Dinner Party in mid January where everyone has to wear or bring a Christmas gift with them.  Plant a garden this year and spend time planning it.  Maybe even get a grow light and start plants early…you could “force” bulbs to bloom in water vases all over the house…plan a birthday party for your self of any style you like…

Some people celebrate the three kings who travel to the manger by giving smaller gifts over the days of the Epipany.  You could do the same or maybejust  save opening the stockings for a later date.

Christmas is of course the celebration of the coming of Christ and all that he was to do for mankind.  That gift lasts more than a day or two.  That warmth and comfort goes on and on.  If you are not part of a church commnity you might consider it.  It could go al ong way to releaving the pain.

So get creative, make some decisions and put some things into action!! 

Let us know what you decide!