It’s getting hard

It’s amazing how useless I feel in my own home. Not only do I not feel appreciated, but I see me family constantly fighting and destroying one another.. I can’t help, I don’t know what to say. My picture perfect family to the public eye can’t go a moment without fighting. Can’t go amount with someone being wrong about nothing. It’s hard.. I can’t live like this anymore.. I can’t live here, but I can’t get out.

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Hey hey. I’ve been exactly where you are. I have a family who never get along. Who always tear each other down. Where I felt worthless and unappreciated. Your feelings are valid, and real. You have a reason to feel like this. But I can say this, your family doesn’t define you. You are your own person, uniquely made. I can also promise you it’s not always going to be like this. Keep on being YOU. That’s what your family needs through all of this. They need you.