My 2 favorite clients

I almost think I have an addiction to them. I have 2 special needs clients. One is Down Syndrome, his family hired me to take care of his sexual needs. The other has traumatic brain injury (TBI). He is in a vegetative state the Dr’s call it. Yet he smiles when he hears my voice. I look forward to seeing them. Even on day’s I’m down, being with them helps me. I love the way they make me feel. I’m special, important and valued. WTF is wrong with me?

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Looking for love is not in itself a bad thing – but looking for it in all the wrong places tends to leave us so broken.  

You’re right – you ARE speciial, important and valued. But, you have to believe that for yourself, BY yourself – before any other human. What do you base your identity on? From where do you derive your value? If the answers to these are unhealthy, how can you turn them around? 

I have a feeling that when your sense of value and self worth don’t come from other humans and how they make you feel, you won’t feel so “addicted” to your clients. (:


Why do you think there is something wrong with you?  The caring they show for you is as valuable as caring from anyone else. You must be specail because most people would stay far away from them.

Not only do they make you feel the special that you are, your relationship with them does not have the baggage the other relationships do; jealsousy, competition, missunderstandings…sharing, taking turns etc etc… these relationships are easier

Enjoy these relationships and keep growing your sense of self worth and your other friendships!