It’s not fair.

A dear friend just informed me that a 16 year old girl she knew just overdosed on heroine. It reminded me of a friend I lost to drugs in high school. I was immediately zapped back to my teenage self, harboring emotions, hiding from the truth, and chasing the answer to the question “why?” Being conflicted by the pain I felt because what gave me the right to be upset anyway? My dear friend expressed a similar feeling she was experiencing. The truth is: Why wouldn’t you be aloud to feel sad? It was a life. A valuable life. One of however many that you’ve gone out of your way to invest in. You didn’t have to know her well. Either way, you don’t have to justify sad. I think that’s why young people are struggling to process their emotions. We’ve been conditioned to justify our emotions. But truth is, that’s why they’re emotions. Unjustifiable feelings that just are. So let yourself heal. Let yourself just be and feel. Life isn’t fair and probably never will be. The least you can do about it is be honest with yourself. When it hurts, let it hurt. Let them know it hurts. When you speak up, you’ll be surprised to see how many people speak up with you. How many share that pain. How many know that hurt. How many are living an unfair life but have come to see that the truth, and accepting it for what it is, really done bring you freedom. Freedom from your mind, from your hurt, from the lies that tell you you are alone, when based on my experiences solely, you are not.

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and then maybe we’d all be more fufilled, happier.  Maybe we would have less need for drugs, alcohol and other forms of excape and then maybe we would all hurt less…


Three cheers for talking with others and helping each other feel better!


Amen. “When it hurts, let it hurt.” 


Yeah, sometimes that is is fastest way for the hurt to disappear…