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please, please, please don’t believe that. I know, it’s easier said than done. 

I know how crippling loneliness can be. but you have to see the worth and value you carry. If you don’t want to stay alive for your sake, stay alive for the sake of your family. Your dear parents who would be completely shattered. The people who love you more than you realize.

The sun will rise again, friend. It always does. That, I can promise. But you are ABSOLUTELY loved!

Happy new year! 


My father was a large part of my life.  The idea of his dying some day always scared me.  Alas at 85 he passed.  All these nine years that he has been gone what amazes me most is how the hole he left has shrunk, dissappeared. Much quicker than I thought… I still love him but it is differenet than when he was here.  I sometimes think if he can see, I wonder if he thinks that I don’t miss him…

Sometimes the thought crosses my mind that when I die there will be no need for the typical wake from 2-4 and 7-9 because there will only be a few people.  Then I think “what have I done to make and keep people in my life, what have I done to effect others lives so they would want to come to my funeral”? …

There is an expression “life is for the living”.  It is a gift,- that it is ok to let the hurt go, the hole to close over, to go on living so we can love without having to miss someone…

and sometimes it is enough to know that I matter to the “one” who matters most…

ps you didn’t say that this thought bothers you.  I assumed that it does.  Some folks might find that thought to be a releif because then they feel that  no one is dependent on them…

pss find a cause and get involved it makes for a fufilled life. and that matters more than being missed when we are gone….