Am I even heard?

I like to believe I’m a pretty good believer. I know God is real I’ve seen miracles. I’ve seen other people pray and get answer immediately.. but I pray and pray and pray and nothing.. why do I bother? If God isn’t even willing to listening to me why do I even bother trying.. why do I even bother living. God do you love me or not? Because I definitely don’t feel it

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If there’s one thing I know for sure about God, it’s that He’s always ALWAYS listening. He cares about you, He’s for you, and He wants to know whats going on with you. No, you’re absolutely not wasting your time pryaing, and yes, you are heard. No prayer is wasted. 

Now, as far as answers go, He tends to answer in these ways:
1. Yes, absolutely, right away!
2. Yes, but not right now. Wait a bit.
3. No, that isn’t good for you. I have something better. Wait a bit.

So, when you see Him answer other prayers right away, that doesn’t in any way mean that you are not a priority, or that He doesn’t care. He’s always thinking about you, even when it doesn’t seem like it.  Please don’t stop praying – it’s the best use of your time. 
He wants you to keep your faith up – give Him a chance to blow your mind. He always does. You are so so loved. 


Agreed, you are heard!  Hard part is listening and hearing what IS being shown to us.  And of course somethimes the answers are not what we want…

If you are not involved with a spiritual group I strongly suggest you find one.  Somehwere there is a group that is a fit for you.  Many of us find prayer difficult.  Or, have times in our praying life were it gets bumpy.  Try not to be discouraged.  Talk with God, about anything and everything, say thanks…develop a relationship not just a request and then sit and wait. 

And be sure to be vigalent to the many small blessings, things that go right.  Maybe it isn’t just luck or “well it is supposed to be like that”…

 Example:  Our dog died.  My son and I wanted another one.  My husband was undecided.  So we felt we neded a special dog that would fit in with us.  We looked and prayerd and looked…one day a year + later my son was frustrated so I got the laptop out and looked at this one rescue place that dealt with goldens.  A dog came up.  My son said yes get her.  My husband said well lets… “oh ok”.  I thought she looked funny but I was tired too.  When we picked her up it was love at first sight.  She came in the house and it was a seemless acclimation.  

We went around saying “what good luck”.  We said,” finally”.  After a while we got around to saying “thank you”.  She was a year plus when we got her and we thought maybe we had to wait so long for our pray to be answered because she had to be born etc…maybe we weren’t lucky maybe God was moving lots of things around for all of  us so we could get such a wonderful member of our family.  We almost missed the answer to our prayers…

You don’t have to ask God to show you he loves you.  You are loved. Period. You have not been forsaken.  Some times we have to  have confidence (faith?) that God does love us.  … oh there is soooo much to say!!

Find a study group and get involved with other folks.  We are all in various stages of our journey.  We are meant to get help and give help along the way.  And God is with us every step, encouraging us, rooting for us loving us!!!

Keep us posted and share with us what you learn so we can learn from you.  Thanks!