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Man, life/the possibility of failure can be so scary huh.  Especially with the pressures today…gotta get in a university and a “good”one to…society today has such a narrow vision of what is successful…with so much noise telling us what we should do it is hard to hear what we want and will do…

What tools would you like to have in order to support yourself?  What abilities would you like to learn, how would YOU mold YOURSELF?  What would make you feel good about yourself…wrtie them down, hang them up, say it out loud!

Do you have an idea what it is you would like to do, be doing? (That is hard in itself huh.  But you can pick things that are short term and long term…) Do you have something in mind that you feel would increase your sense of purpose?

Society needs members with all sorts of skills, abilities, not just degrees.  …

Maybe you could study when it needs to be done (besides knowledge of any kind is not a waste).  While you are doing that ENJOY the exploration of yourself.  Make list of things you appreciate, like, wish you could do.  Make lists of things you don’t like and don’t want to do.  Try new experiences (even a new pizza parlor or a new way to campus).

You will “end up” somewhere and it is up to you as to where that will be!  That is the scary part but it is also the awesome part.

You can do.  You will do it.  Take a deep breath and know you are wonderfully able!


i agree with ann. the only thing i would add –

take another eep breath, and step back from this situation. what is preventing you from studying? if it’s the feeling of ‘failure’, then know this – many famous people failed and then made it. this website has a list, check it out – http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/15-highly-successful-people-who-failed-their-way-success.html

also – this world needs you, whether you have a degree or not. your life is for a purpose, for a reason, for a meaning. getting or not getting a degree does not diminish your worth. you’re capable of greatness!