I spent some time in a hospital for anorexia and I have finally gotten to a healthy place where I’m at a healthy weight and I feel good about myself but every time I get just a tiny bit stressed out I want to take it out on myself and stop eating for three weeks. I hate the way my body looks now. I miss how I used to have a flat tummy and could see my ribs clearly. I know it’s not healthy to feel this way and I never put myself in harms way but I just want to feel beautiful and I’m having a really hard time getting there.

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As you know it is very hard today to get away from media etc. trying to convince us that looks are so important.  Maybe you can skip those magazines etc!

Why is being beautiful on the outside so important to you?  What does it mean for you?  Why is that a goal for  you?

Why do you define “beautiful” the way you do?  What do you imagine “feeling beautiful” will be like?  What will it bring you?

Have you ever noticed in older art work the women are always plump?   That is because that was a sign of their health and wealth.  Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.  Maybe if you can figure out the answer to the questions above (and others like them) you will be able to redefine your definition of “feeling beautiful”….

I bet you have alot going for you and that your looks are just fine!  Do you have other goals that you can get into?  Hobbies?  If not you might want to develop some.  Do you have a group of friends?  Are they all very girly and into image etc?  Make some more friends, ones that don’t worry about looks so much…

Maybe if you work on being beautiful on the inside it will show through and make you beautiful on the outside.  No doubt that would be a great feeling.

No matter what though you are loved!