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God, please let this family and this person feel, know, your love.  Let them feel your reassurance that no matter what, you are there with them, for them…

I pray that they will find solace in each other, friends, local pastors.  I pray that they will reach out to books, agencies, medical professionals, friends and churchs for support…

As you already know Lord they are strong and capable people.  They will find their way through this hard time, it will be ok.  Amen.


 Dear Scared, Please do some praying yourself.  There is great comfort in talking with God.  Sit quietly and enjoy the peace that will seep in…

Hug yourself for me,  OXOO


I hear you! 

But keep your head up please 

God loves you and I love you!


Praying so hard for you and your family.

Father God, I pray for this person. I pray that You meet them in their current cirumstances. Change their circumstances and perform Your miraclous ways as You do. Help them find the support they need. Bring support systems into their lives. Protect them, Lord. Send their guardian angels to take camp all around them, constantly fighting the enemy and any negative/evil spirit. Place Your hand of comfort, protection, and wise guidance on them, Lord. They need You!! They cry out to You. Meet them where they are. In this chaos, remind them You’re here, and that You alone are God, our Father in Heaven who is loving, caring, and always thinking of them.