Good days

Friday: sucked. I messed up a lot.. I smoked again for the first time since before summer. Downed like half a pack of cigs. But by the end of the day it was okay. I was able to breathe and I got out of My head.Saturday was a decent day.. I tried you know? Tried to be super positive and uplifting and whatever.
Sunday was actually a great day first time in a long time that I felt hope, I felt happy you know? Like people cared about me. Like I could recover from how I’ve been..

Then Monday came. Back to reality, I woke up so bummed out and numb.. like back to having to dig into friends for answers. Back to feeling lost.

How do I keep the good days going?!

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Life/learning is a bumpy ride! But you had a good day and you felt hope!  Isn’t that FANTASTIC?  Just keep going.  You are doing great. You are teaching yourself.  Keep learning about your emotions. Trust them, trust yourself. 

And don’t be afraid to just rest, not feel down and not feel up.  That is important too.

Remember to Celebrate your success.  Celebrate all the little successes along the way.  Relive them in your mind a bit.  Pat yourself on the back, give yourself a hug.  Smile!

Trust, have faith, you are keeping the good days going!