I don’t know

I don’t know.
Hi! I’m scary, or just call me that…

I tend to be an upbeat person but I don’t really know at this point. I surround myself in people that judge my every move and constantly put me down and there is noting I can do about it. Hah. Everybody’s got a sob story right? Anyway. I’m constantly putting myself down and have zero confidence and I have no idea what I’m doing and I feel like I’m on a Tea cup ride that is powered by red bull and Sonic the hedgehog. I’m really stressed with school and my grades because I fall behind and I end up putting myself down more and putting myself in places where I get yelled at. If anyone has advice that would be super great! But if you don’t I understand. I’m a stranger and why should you care. But anyway thanks 😀 bye

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Hey! Two things 

1. You are not alone in this, no one here will ever judge you and I know what you are going through

2. I love you, keep focused in school. I get it’s hard. I dropped out and regret it everyday. Chin up and push on we are here for you always 


Hello “yes you do know”!  (Minus the negetive right!)  I changed your greeting because after reading your post I see you DO know!  You realize that you have to change the people you hang with ( even if you are talking about family ). You can make /add new friends thereby creating a distance from those that bring you down.  You know this.  Realzing is 1/2 the battle.  You are in a good place.  You are ready to step into action!

Find new people by taking up hobbies, joining a club, a church, maybe even learn to enjoy your own company sometimes instead of being with downers…

You realize how you are processing thoughts.  Excellant!  (Many people never get that far)  Now you can change those thought patterns. It is all in your control all in your power. Not in anyone elses. Nope, just yours.  Start slow, notice your thoughts and just tell yourself NO you stop that thinking. Break the tea cup sonic cycle.  (Your metaphors are very good you know!)

Then begin to replace those negetive thoughts with posititve ones.  Seriously!  Maybe if you spent less time with the downer people and more time with your school work, you can break two tea cups at once…

You say “there is nothing I can do about it”.  True we all have parts of us that sob, that are unsure, that pine, that pray.  BUT in fact YOU are the one who can do EVERYTHING about it! 

Enjoy taking action, enjoy growing. It can be hard, scary and tiring BUT soooo worth it …..

Strangers do care!  This web site is proof.  And I have learned many things from people I don’t know.  And YOU can teach many things to others too.

 Alpinetsp6, I agree with you!

Nameste D!