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You may not believe this but that is not an uncommon thought.  You know there are many people who can help you with that thought.

There are many ways to think, react, respond in life.  There are even more ways to activily engage life for a more positive life.  Think of tools in a tool box.  There are many who can help you develop those tools. I know because I have worked with some of “those people”.

I STRONGLY recommend you go and interview some of them and chose one to work with.  Not all of them are expensive.  In fact I think the ones that don’t charge alot can even be better!  DO NOT go to someone who says you are lucky to have found them (you don’t need them making you a dependent) and drugs are very helpful but get second opinions on that..

Ask them about how you will explore and get to know yourself  and what type of tools they will help you learn… You will learn how to direct your life instead of being buffeted by it,

You can do it,  because you have already started!!