What happened?!

Today was actually going pretty well!!! Like I got a decent amount done. I was feeling okay, sure a little down about some stuff. But good you know? Everything okay.. but idk like I don’t feel okay! I feel really really down and out like a little anxious and just blah no motivation at all! If even in the good days I feel like crap what’s the point of getting out of bed?

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What are you thinking about during your day, while you are getting things done?  In the quiet of your mind you may be running an on going tape of negetive thoughts.  Talking to yourself on and on…am I up? Am I up?  WIll I stay up? How long will it last?  Why Why Why?  See…See…told ya…

Good for you, you did get out of bed!  And you did because you know that that is where the hope is.  Out of bed is where you get to practice positive thinking.  Out of bed is where the chance for success is, where meaning and fun and purpose is.

Most days life is  regular not up or down, it just is.  That is ok!  Do you listen to the news? tv/radio?  That is too full of hype for me so I read my news.  Certain musicians, certain instruments ( think oboe which is beautiful but) can be quite melancoly/depressing.  I don’t listen to them anymore. What about tv in general?  Alot of negetive going on in so many programs.  Drop the down shows and watch the more positive ones you can find.  How about movies?  So many are violence, sad stories.  Pick only the funny or up beat movies to watch.

When you get out of bed (!) work on developing an attitude of gratitude.  You will find that you are quite capable of retraining yourself to think more positive thoughts; to see more positive in life; and to even create more positive in your life.

When you get out of bed go out and spread positive.  Smile, say hello, compliment someone, say thanks again and again and again!! And anytime you hear that inner voice going negetive talk to yourself and say “Stop it”.  Tell yourself “come along inner voice trust me this will be good!”