Do I Stay? Do I Go?

I’m 22 and in a 2yr relationship with a guy but lately, I’ve been wanting more from the relationship. He does a lot for me, and we both are giving the relationship our best shot… but there are periods in time when I just don’t feel satisfied with him? Like, I wish he would be more romantic; I wish he would show he cared more; I wish he would open up more; I wish he was more ambitious, etc.
Am I asking too much? I don’t want to ask him to change because I feel that’s such a selfish thing to do. Should I just leave? But if I do, I feel like I will regret leaving especially since we put so much time and effort in each other. But at the same time, I don’t know if I can stay with him if I keep wanting more from him. I don’t knowww.

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Love is not about feeling ok with the person beside you all the time.

If you really treasure him, you should try talking with him about it. Tell him your concerns and then you both can decide whether your relationship has more to give. Remember life is not a fairy tail. Things don’t go well sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon the ship.

Love is about trying your best together, even when everything seems to tell you not.


It seems Littleyellowkin has given you a great suggestion and since I have been married 38 years I know what you feel and know what she is saying is best!!