hearts do not heal.no matter what you do or who you find on your way the heart has that open spot forever and even and bleed.
Bleeds night and day, reminding you of your own misery as your mind keeps wondering why can’t anyone just tell you what is wrong with before going away to never return.

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There are so many reasons why someone doesn’t tell us what is wtong first.  This sort of thing has happened to so many of us.  True some times a spot is left open but maybe that is because that is how we keep them near.  You need to let go in order to heal, may take time but you can.

Maybe you are referring to a parent not a lover…evn then we can let go and move on living our lives in the present not the past.

Im sorry you are hurting but remember there is “bright hope for tomorrow”.


When injuries heal, they leave scars. Those scars might not hurt, but they’re proof of what you’ve endured. 

Anyone who’s been hurt knows it takes time to heal. And it may seem like everyday is a stormy, grey day, but I promise the sn does shine again. Deal with your pain, but don’t wallow in it. And soon it’ll start to hurt a little less with each day. 

Nothing is wasted. There will be good that will come out of this – even though it’s a crazy thought right now. I’m sorry you’re hurting. Better days are ahead.