Love is killing me

I’ve been feeling like crap the past 2 days. I’m feeling like there’s a hole in me that can never be filled. When I believe it is filled, there seems to be another hole opening. I don’t believe I have anymore love in me. I’m tired of trying to give love & not receiving it back. It just seems my supply has ran completely low & I don’t have enough to give especially to my only child.

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Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling so good.  You will feel better though!

 After reading your post I wondered if you ever do something for yourself. Little things like take a break with a cup of tea and just let your mind empty ot take a long sit in a park to an overnight somewhere…you can figure out something you like to do but don’t take the time- Take the time.  TAKE it, because no one is going to give it to you.  Not because they are aweful (!) but because we have to take care of ourselves.  Mother Theresa took care of millions and she took time for herself…

You know that saying “Love isn’t love till you give it away”?  Really hard to give love away with out wanting at least some little something back at least that is my experience so I hear you; sometimes you can get really really tired, depressed.  If you think you are struggling with depression please go see someone who can teach you the many tools available to work through/with that.  They don’t have to be expensive…

I don’t know your age but if you are dealing with pre or menipause, our inner selves change with the loss of those hormones.  I call them the caring harmones.  It gets harder to care with them gone…

Maybe find some different ways to give…

Have you asked for what you need from the people around you?  Have you clearly said “I need you to please________”?  

Being a mother too I know the desire/urge to give all to your child.  I have also found that there are many ways to do that that don’t involve a constant pouring…Sometimes giving your all is not what they need.  You may be able to take back some of your giving if you know what I mean…

“Have you hugged your kid today?”  Probably BUT have you hugged yourself today?  Probably not.  Give it a try-sit down, have a big sigh maybe 2 or 3.

Wrap your arms around yourself and tell yourself that you are good, you don’t have to try so hard.  Everything is ok and will be ok.  Hum hum hum

May feel funny at first but it can be a great pick me up any time anywhere.  Go ahead try it now!  Namaste