The thing is this… how do you really get to know what your sexuality is?I can say I have no preference regarding genders, however I have a sensitive nose that makes me feel either disgusted or attracted (not sexually) to someone whatever their personality is. I do not feel myself attracted sexually to anyone, but I do feel the necesity to… dunno. “Release tension”. I have a sort of trauma that makes me completely unable to even think of kissing someone because I am disgusted to saliva (and sweat).
So… what does this all makes me exactly?
Should I worry? ._.
It might seem like an stupid case, but I am really confused. ’cause, it is actually making me wonder if it has something to do with the fact that everybody just loves calling me odd and with time get the heck away from me.

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Good question- how do we know what our sexuality is!  The media is so pervasive, the options many.  Explore your sexuality- that might be a taboo where you come from…and then for each of us there are many frogs to be kissed before we come across the prince or princess…

You seem to have strong aversions (Trama?) to saliva and sweat.  Lets face it both can be unpleasant!  Maybe you have not met anyone yet that really motivates you beyond these aversions.  Or maybe the aversions are keeping you out of situations you might think of as dangerous or that you are just not ready for yet…

Anyone who calls you odd is not worth your frienship.  

What is great about life is that you can be who you are and give to the world and still have a wonderful life.  Find a cause and devote yourself.  Sexuality does not and should not over take you.  It is only one piece of the wonderful complex person, you!