It’s not even real everyone in my life is fake as fuck.. I don’t even know why I even try to put a smile on and pretend like it’s all okay.. I don’t know why I try to talk to anyone, because in the end I’m alone and no one gives a fuck

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Don’t give up because YOU ARE worth caring about.  Keep trying but maybe try something else. First ask yourself –  What do YOU care about? Who do you care about? Why? How do you show it?  Are your expectations of others realalistic?  …

Maybe try to spend your efforts/time on the topics/things that matter to you.  Animals, environment, books, bugs, flowers, cars, golf, wood working, art, film,…

Then maybe you will meet some people that share these topics/things.  You might develope a friendship around the topic/thing as that is where your focus will be.  Over time, doing and sharing you will find some true caring.

Remember to care and be real with yourself first.  Accept your self “warts and all” first.  Talk to yourself with words of encouragement, hug yourself! Break the dialogue that runs round and round in your mind.  For every negetive thought make your self think something positive.  Its important to do…

And read the Deserata.  It is full of wisdom.

Everyone fills like you do at times, me included.  This feeling alone, to some degree goes back to the begining of time.  Try not to focus on it too much, get busy with doing things that matter to you.

I know folks in churches are not perfect.  But they are trying!  Find a church that feels good and start to attend and then start to get involved.  Doing stuff for others is a great way to find others to care about you.

Don’t dispare, tomorrow is a new day and you can make it hold new beginings.  Namaste.