It doesn’t matter

It sucks when is going well.. because it just shows no matter what, it doesn’t matter. You’re always gonna feel alone.. the people around will always let you down.. and it’s always gonna be you alone in the end.. so it doesn’t matter how good life ever gets. Because it’s not really that good

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I wished I had a reassurance comment to give you dude. I really do.

You are right. Life is shitty. Friends we hold dear end up being just people we knew. Sometimes we are there for them and we want or hope to be reciprocated, but most of the time ot doesn’t happen. In some cases it never does.

Days come and goes and they can be so freaking bad. Sooverwhelmingly bad. I’m sure there are people asking themselves when waz their last good day.

I keep asking myself what happened with the good old days.

I’ve read this two last comments of yours trying to think soemthing that can help you.

The onpy thing I can do is agree. Life can be a black hole. Sucking all the life out you day by day. But… You can try not seeing it as a hole. I don’t even wait to see if my days is going bad or well. I just enjoy every little sunshine I get. 

Just enjoy the good days. Enjoy the small things life gives you when you less expect them. Maybe someday you’ll meet zomeone to share them. Someone to stare the black hole with.

And from a stranger who hopes this helps at least a bit… I hope you have a good day, love.