I feel paranoid

I feel paranoid. I suffer from depression and anxiety and have been since I was in 6th grade. Recently I’ve been so caught up in the future. I don’t know what I want and I feel so tired and unmotivated. I really try but it’s not enough.

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Speaking from experience you need a few things.  One is a qualified life coach be it a psychotrist, social worker someone in the field.  This person will help you learn the tools you need to releive your suffering.  And under their guidance you might consider low dosages of anti depressents.

The anti-depressents will help with the chemical imbalance you and I have been born with.  Like the color of your eyes.  You can’t help that either…

But durgs alone will not be enough to make real changes in how you process your life.  YOU CAN RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN!!  You can retrain yourself so you change your reaction to things, change your out look ec.

A person who is qualified to teach you tools is not necessarlity expensive.  Ask your doctor, minister, friend (you’d be surprised howmany of us are out there!!) for recommendations.  Find someone you feel comfortable with.  And if you out grow them (learn all you can from them) do not hesitate to move on to another counselor who might have other skills to share…

Sometimes it is not a matter of trying harder.  Use your energy to find someone to mentor you in this regard.  You don’t have to feel those feelings.