Needing a savior

I am convinced I have a saviour complex. Maybe that is why I want to be a doctor…I need to vent. There’s a lot going on with my family and it is extremely overwhelming. I run myself crazy thinking of ways to help everyone and it’s so sad seeing my family so sad. My sister literally just cried to me stressed out about bills and financial stuff. My mum has two jobs just trying to keep things together. My brother and sister might be out of a job in a couple weeks and they have kids to think about. I don’t know why I feel so guilty, I feel like I should be able to help with financial things…but I can’t, at least not right now. It breaks my heart.

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Oh do I hear you.  It is hard to have such a caring heart and not have the means you want to help.  But you care and are trying and you can learn that that is enough.  You listened to your sister.  That is a great help. Who knows maybe giving her money is not what she really needs.  Maybe she would not take it.  Maybe it would begin to come between you two…

Sometimes we can’t help family.  Sometimes we can help others and someone/thing else will help your family members…  Ultimately you have to learn to except that your efforts are good and valuable as they.  Don’t judge yourself saying you can’t help enough.  you are helping. Period.

Lend an ear, lend a shoulder for your family. Very valuabale but REMEMBER to take care of yourself too so your cup has something in it to give and enough in it to keep yourself going.  Give suggestions, babysit when you can and if you dont lalready, earn to pray.  Praying makes you feel better and it can have an impack….

i don’t get why life is so full of struggles except maybe it is so we learn to let go and trust God/life/love that all will be well…

You have taken on a burdon that one person can not carry alone.  Your strong sense of guilt might be a sign of depression (speaking from experience)…BUT be kind to yourself and congratulate yourself on what you are doing, have done and will do.

Being a doctor is an admirable career IF that is truly what you want to do.  Don’t do it for your family.  Remember doctors help people but they can’t help them all and you could be right back where you started.

Keep your eye on what you try to do for others not on what you can’t.

It is sad when anyone struggles.  But there is hope and things will improve.  Meanwhile be all you can be, be yourself and that will be a great gift you can give your family.