I always thought a fight is only lost if you give up.They say a day will come when things change, when you will find someone to back you up.
I had one once, which was actually just using me as a back up for when he/she had no one around.
I’m tired of feeling lonely all the time.
I’m tired of not having someone to talk to.
I’m tired of being a doll, who is to behave, smile and follow the orders she is given to prevent getting hitted.
How long do I have to wait for someone to see me as something other than a useless odd person?
Or… That is all I am?
To keep standing is the only way forward, but with everyone around pushing you down, with no signs of a helping hand to be stretched for you, how are you to find the strength to do it?
How do you keep yourself out of a void in which you’ve been all your life?

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Honestly, I relate to a lot of what you’re saying, you must be so tired i know, but please, keep going, you do deserve to be happy and to get yourself some help, you can get through this, i promise