The End

When is the end? When will this hell be over? I try so I’m amd rime again and to feel okay and well.. days like today days when I just want to die.. why do I even wake up in the morning? When will my day end and my morning never come?

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Why does there have to be an end? 


There is HOPE.  Explaining in more detail with this community can give you hope.  Learning to see your glass as half full instead of empty is hope. Change “the end” to “I have hope”.  Talking with professionals is hope, reading books on your situation or (possible) depression gives hope.

Most of all there is HOPE IN YOU.  YOU  can retrain your brain, retrain yourself.  Hard work yeah.  But you are surly worth it.  You are!  Repeat after me I am worth it, life is worth it.  Like a montra repeat repeat repeat! 

I don’t know the details of your life but if what you are trying time and again doesn’t work figure out a different way to try and do that and see if it gets better.  Give each new try a chance and then try another way.  And sometimes just let life be, don’t try so hard just roll with it… Protect yourself from people, etc that hurt you. You can say right out please don’t do X anymore, it hurts.  If that doesn’t work you may have a hard self preservation type decision to make.  But even in that there is hope.

Silly question but have you hugged your self today?  Literally and figuratively.  Go ahead right now put your arms around yourself and hug, make soothing sounds say nice things to yourself.  Hug a stuffed animal or pillow.  Do you have a cozy spot where you can go and sooth yourself with kind words, visions of fofillment, relaxing music…if you don’t make one right away.  Then you can go to this place in your mind whenever you need to be there even if you can’t get there…

Being kind to others who do not reciprocate is hard.  It does have a value, this giving with out receiving.  So maybe give to them, but seek out others to give too.  Maybe a pastor or church/synogog etc. family.  (IF you haven’t got one go find one!!  It is not a perfect place but there is so much fun, love, support, things to do etc.)

Try to stop the negetive monolog that is probably going around in your mind.  For every negetive thought follow it with a positive one, no matter how small.

The purpose of the morning is HOPE.  A NEW DAY!  While eating breakfast (eating breakfast is important in having a positive outlook) think of  something to do that you can look back on at night and say “I did that.”  Or “that was a bit better”  Doesn’t have to be big.  Maybe “I will try to smile even if I don’t feel like, 2 times today”…”I will say outloud two positive things today”. Pat yourself on the back.

Become your own positive reinforcement coach, your own cheerleader.

YOU CAN DO THIS.  You can do it alone, with -_-  and you can find a therapist to help you develop the tools you need.  Keep us all posted.   We are rooting for you!!