So like a year or so I fell pretty hard this weekend. I was smoke free for almost a year no weed no cigs. Clean. And well now I’m not.. I was away this weekend and it just seemed right. So I smoked.. now I feel like a complete failure like my life is a lie all over again…

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You ARE quiting smoking!    A bump in the road does not mean failure.  Life does not go smoothly in general right? Quiting something addictive is hard and lapses are not uncommon.  I’m proud of you for going so long the first time!!

Get back at it again.  You don’t have to go back to smoking regularly just because of a weekend.  You did a year before you can do a day again! And then a day and a day.  YOU HAVE ALREADY PROVEN TO YOURSELF YOU CAN!

Its good you feel bad about having smoked again.  But don’t beat yourself up about it. Use that for motivavtion.  Try not to exagerate the issue.  This is only one facet of your many faceted life.  This does not make you a complete failure, far from it.  You are doing something admirable, healthy…

Build on your successful year!  Use the tools you used the first time, they will work again!