Too Prideful?

I am Mexican and all my life I heard things like, “White people always be like…” and I laughed and went along with it.
But now I’m older and married to my wife who is white and when people say thing like that it really hurts her feelings.

I don’t think it’s right to just generalize white people and call it pride or payback or whatever but every time I bring it up to anyone they are pretty dismissive or really defensive.

Does anyone else have this problem?

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I too have experienced this. To be honest situations like this one can go sour,and escalate into something much more. it’s absolutely not okay to generalize any type of person may it be by color, race, or gender. Unfortuantely we are part of an era that feeds off of the media, and culture has accepted these generalizations as a “normal” thing. Whatever normal may be to anyone, it isnt okay in any way. When I’ve been faced with comments like that, I try to remember to pick and choose my battles. I do however make it a point to speak my mind in the most respectful way possible. Ignoring it will only show it is accepted. Someone like yourself needs to stand firm in how you feel, what you beleive, and what you stand for. We also must remember we cannont change the way people think over night. There are many who don’t realze their words are hurtful, or wrong for many reasons we can’t even begin to understand. Your REACTION to someone else’s ACTION shows your character. Never let words define who you or your wife are. 


Hope this helps!




Yes I have!  Like Beyond the Surface has said the only thing to do is to make a simple statement like ” we all laugh and cry the same”…some day that individual will learn and someday society will learn.  

I often remind people of the lyrics to John Lennon’s song- Imagine



Thank you everyone for the responses. They are not bad people. They just can’t see the hypocrisy of the statements they’re making.

I will keep fighting the good fight for reason and logic.


We are doing the same on our end , right there with you!  Say hello to your wife!