I find it really hard to keep saying that I’m “okay” when all I want to do is break down and cry.. I’m really not okay.. I don’t even close to okay.. I don’t even know what okay is anymore

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Everyone has their own definition of “being okay”. It might be helpful to write down your thoughts, such as journaling. This may be a way for you to organize your thoughts, emotions, and triggers that put you in this state of mind of “Not knowing what okay is anymore”. We have all at some point one way or another in our lives experienced this feeling of not feeling okay. There are plenty of self-help books, and articles written by everyday individuals who have overcome obstacles that manifested these emotions of not feeling okay. Acknowledging this feeling is just the start! Be patient with your progress, as well as proactive in bettering yourself to a healthier way of living!!


Sorry to hear you are feeling so down.  “are you okay” means I guess, are we feeling enouogh-safe enough, secure enough, happy enough, are we doing all right with the aspects of life-are we healthly enough, do we have enough money, things to do or look forward to,do we have enough  friends, love….

Enough can vary over days and years…

When I am not feeling okay it usually means I don’t currently feel that I have enough of one or more of the above.  It also means I might be comaring myself to others.  I’m not that smart…they are quicker and remember more than I do…I don’t make any money or have a career seems everyone else does…I don’t give/help enough look what everyone else is doing…I don’t try hard enough ….

the voice in my head runs on and on…

I have to deliberatly change the rant. I have to look at what is really bothering me and make some plans to move forward about it.  I have to stop stewing, going in circles.  Stop my pity party and get doing something that makes me feel like I am going forward, even a little bit, then bit more and more.

That is the cycle that keeps me feeling okay.


ps when some one asks “how are you” don’t let your mind take it too seriously;don’t start the mental rant!  Don’t say “I’m okay”  maybe say “I’m doin'” or “I’m well enough how bout you?”