I’m so paranoid. I’m about to spend a month in japan with a study group and I’m supposed to be super excited but for the last weeks all I’ve been is terrified. My brain is filled with worst case scenarios. I’ve always hated planes, they give me panic attacks, I don’t want to have to get on a plane. And once I’m in Japan. What if something goes wrong? What if there’s a major catastrophe?What if I die? I am uncertain about whether I’ll ever come back home. I’m so scared. I can’t sleep. I need someone to tell me it’s gonna be okay

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You are not the only person who is scared to fly nor are you the only person who is scared to go far from home.

Maybe you don’t like flying because it takes you away from your safe zone…remember it also brings you back to your safe zone.  If something goes wrong while you are in Japan you will do just as you would where you are now.  Japan has excellant police, emt and medical facilities.  There is the American Embassey.  (Make a colored copy of the first page of your passport.  If you lose the passport take the copy to the embassy and you will get a new passport right away!) Pack some basic first aid stuff…

Helpful people are everywhere!  From members of your study group to the people around you, wherever you are.  Remember you might just help someone when you are there.

You wonder “what if I die”.  There’s that joke that you won’t have to worry about it.  Its true though…

You will make it back home.  Unless you love it there so much you decide to move there-could happen!  You will make it back home because you, the study group, the airlines,all  know the way.  

While you are there notice how much is similar to your safe zone.  People are there, cars, sounds, birds, etc.  It is interesting to think that there are folks who live where you are afraid to go AND they are afraid to leave there and go to where you are!!  If it is safe for them it is safe for you too…

Its funny how some emotions are opposites but can feel the same.  Super excited can feel like fear or nervousness.  You can feel both at the same time. So allow the excitement to come through sometimes.  It’s ok, you are still safe even when you are excited about this adventure. 

Im proud of you for joining this study group even though it meant you might have travel. Maybe your are ready to move on…

If you have a cell phone spend the money on a short international plan so you can reach out and call home.  Or get that app Whatsup.  You can skype!

Home is easy to connect to.  And HOME is where you are…

Remember your ticket is for a ROUND TRIP!

You are fine, you will be fine.  Let us know what you liked and didn’t like about Japan.





Remember you have a ROUND TRIP ticket!