I’m supposed to be the person who offers hope to others, but I’m in this place again where I’m fantasizing about blood and death and I’m so tired of being such a downer on everyone, of needing help so much, that I feel like I would be better off if I ended things.
Like my friends would be better off if I ended things.

I mean, sure, they’d be sad for a few days.

But they’d get over.

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I understand your struggl, but I know there’s one thing in your mind that gives you hope right? Run to the things that give you hope. i know I dont know you but  love you and I know you’re tired but youre gonna Get thr this I promise. 


Praying for you


You are very wise to share this place, where you are at at the moment.  It is a place many of us have been.  And like many people you will move from this place to a better one.   Emotions can make us soo tired, depressed even.  Fortunately emotions can also pick us up, energize us and make us feel good.  You know that already right…

It is a good thing that you feel like you are to offer hope to others, we all should be doing that.  BUT you can’t give so much that you go empty.  We are not to be that responsible…  So what are you doing to fill your own cup?  From eating right, getting sleep and excerise to playing, learning something new to researching pros and cons of anti depressants …

Friends can help us at times but often friends and family membes are too close to us. It is good to seek out other people like here in the -_- community.

And it is good to search out trained professionals in your area.  They can help you walk through all of your thoughts and feelings from a more objective perspective.  Then you won’t feel so tired of being a downer, as you put it, to your friends.

Alpine is right you will get your energy back and live more of a life of hope.  Keep us posetd ok ’cause we care.