will i even be okay?

i seem to be in the same place i’ve always been. if not, then i’m somewhere darker. ah, i’m so tired. it’s impossible for me to be able to truly believe that “okay” is possible for me at this point. i’m alive, but i’m not living. the only reason i’m here is my best friend. once i finally accept i want to leave, i’m blowing my money and doing the things i’ve dreamed about since i was 13.

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I envy you.  You have dreams.  Many people don’t .  You have a best friend.  Many people don’t.  You have money, many people dont.

Any ideas why/how you seem to be in the same place?  Think that through…If you would blow your money and do the things you’ve dreamed of why not do that now?

Is it fear that is holding you back?  Is it feeling responsible to loved ones (like parents) afraid to try, to fail…

WHY would you “finally accept you want to leave”?  I know it can be so hard this business of “being okay”.  But you have YOU and that is a great asset!

Do you do any volunteering?  Helping others in any way can be so uplifting. (Isn’t it soo awesome that when we help someone else we help ourselves too).  Find a place, away, to help.  Could be one on one type like a big brother/sister or less intimate like establishing different ways to gather food for the local food bank…or as simple has helping your neighbor with something…

Life is a conundrum for many of us too.  Try to focus on the good parts of living, like having best friends!  Yo have dreams, food, your health, clean water…

Life is a process, a fluctuating process.  Keep yourself growing, learning, moving forward in any positive way (large and small) and you will find you are already okay! I promise.


ps you could start to help others by responding to the other posts here on -_-