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Thank you for reminding me that I am strong too.  And I am sooo glad you know that YOU are strong.

I wonder what you mean when you say “push” through this. Other verbs are “hanging in”, “hanging on”, … but sometimes pushing can actually be being still, waiting quietly, changing, starting anew…

I am sooo sorry you are in so much pain.  Be it physical pain or emotional (they can swirl together huh) it hurts.  The body is pretty smart in that it does allow us some time to rest, to heal to handle the pain by going numb.

Our minds are also willing to be distracted if we let it.  Maybe a little bit at first then for longer periods of time.  Try doing favorite things from solitare to biking to knitting or even cleaning closets and ironing.  Organizing things can be very settling…and gives the subconcious time to think…like being numb…

If physical pain makes some things you like to do difficult grab a pad and pen and just write, stream of conciousness…sit in a park and watch the world go by, breath deep.

You are quite right.  You are strong.  You will “push through this”.  Please let me and the others know how you are doing and what you are doing so we can learn from you.  Share your strength!