I need to draw. It’s been a over a week and this cast itches and I want to draw so badly.I don’t know how to distract myself from this as well as the hype and stress of not finding a job to pay my studies.
And the stress only makes me want to draw more and the paper stars help, but not enough.
Any ideas of what else I can do?

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You should calm down, maybe put something on your computer to listen to and draw anything, even if you don’t live your comfort zone right away when you’re drawing, it’s ok. If it makes you feel guilty, try to have an hour where it’s drawing time.

It can be in the morning or in the evening for example, and the rest of the time you can try find a job. or, after each job application you make, you can doodle one thing.

And then you make another job application, and continue the doodle ?
Try what can work for you. But first of all try to calm down, if thinking of drawing or searching right now is too stressful for you to do it right now, you should try to do something else that can relax you.
Like a nice shower/bath or something. Don’t feel guilty you’re doing your best, and your best depends on how you feel that day.
You’re going to be ok !