Love it’s crazy It’s scary

So like I’ve been trying to get my life together. Ive been through a lot of crap.. in the last year I tried to kill myself. I lost my home. I lost my job. I thought I lost it all. But then I found love, two types of love. I found a love for myself that I never knew existed.. then something insane happened!!! I found love. I found the love of my life! She gets me. She understand that I’m not the strongest. She gets that my brain is a little out there. She doesn’t care. She helps me get through the dark days. She trust me. And I trust her. I found the best thing in the world I found love. I pray that we never grow tired of each other and I thank God every day..

I say all this say. Stay strong, there really is someone for out there for everyone. There’s a job for everyone
Your time here on this warped earth doesn’t have to end in dispare

If you haven’t heard today I love you
Everyday we wake up we wake up stronger

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You got this!


Thanks for sharing your story.  It gives us all hope!  I love your thankfulness and I love that you learned how to love yourself as well.  It may be a “warped earath” yet there are many places/ways to give and get love…

Let’s keep it all going ’round!