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There’s this one girl. She’s very agressive and conviced everyone is stupid if they don’t like her. My best friend started to give her attention, a lot of. She pushed her away from me, and is lowkey very jealous of me, to the point she tries everything to make my friend stop wanting to move in to be my roommate in another country. She’s belittles my friend everyday, telling her that she’s too naive and being obsessed with me. So my friend tries her best to convince that girl that it’s not the case. The girl is even going as far as pretending to be in love with my friend, so she can push her further away from me. She managed to get my friend to litteraly hate one of her own friend.
I’m scared I will lose her. And I can’t talk to her about that because the girl was smart enough to make me seem like a crazy person who’s making plans to make people hate the poor victim that she is. So my friend thinks I irrationally hate her so any comment I can make would be irrelevant. I’m so fucking helpless.

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YOU ARE NOT HELPLESS!  I have been in this situation and the way I dealt with it was to move on.  I had to get away from the webs that girl is weaving. I don’t know why some people are so manipulative, mean…I do know that to protect myself I had to get a good distance from it all…

I did not and YOU do NOT have to play her games.  My heart goes out to your friend who is spinning in the web but as you say you may not be then one who can show her what is happening. Maybe some other friend can advise her.

You have plans to go to another country.  That is AWESOME.  Find a roommate there, find someone else to go with you, go alone.  But go and keep moving your life forward.

We can go with you!  Pls share your trip with us!!