The Truth Is That I’m Very Unhappy

People keep telling me I’ll be fine, but I just want to feel fine. And I want to feel normal. I want to feel just as happy as everyone else. I want to be excited about something.
And how am I supposed to tell them all that when they expect be better now?

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I don’t know exactly what you are struggling with but if you’re recovering right now, you have to know that it sadly not easy and even if you’re supposed to feel better now, you can’t always feel super fine..
If you’re trying to recover from something you still need therapy, in any case you should try therapy
Good luck.. 


Hi. I am in therapy, but I feel like it’s not helping much. 45 minutes every couple of weeks isn’t enough. But as you might see, I feel the pressure to try to act like I’m okay. I turn around though and I’m still sad. I don’t know what to do. 

Also, if you’re curious, let’s just say I’m going through a rough season of change.


Hi The Truth Is,

You are not responsible for making others feel better.    Please don’t take that on.   They care for you so they might be anxious for you to feel better. You don’t have to explain yourself, you can heal/learn at your pace.  Some things can’t be rushed…Please let that worry go.

It seems like everything is tell us we have to be excited/happy about some thing or things.  Being excited about something does feel good but that could be  hard to sustain. Are you allowing yourself to be excited about little things?  Rain on your face, sunshine, bird sounds, a simple smile from a stranger.  Truly there are many exciting things in our daily lives that we miss…Personally I am interested in everything and nothing.  Today we hear alot about ‘Your passion”.  Animals, environment, music, art?  Sking, photography?  Helping people?

Some folks seem to have many hobbies, talents, somethings to excite them in life.  I have this image of a person with all these necklaces with the things that excite them around their neck.  It seems this is how we define ourselves in our culture; “I am a—-“”I do—-“. In the image others have several of these necklaces and I have none!  What excites me? I love to organize a mess, clean up , clean out!  In our society that is not a valued expression of self.  Oh well!  Maybe not but I find excitement in so many everyday, mundane places.  I figure if say golf excited me and I could only do it on weekends well that is limited.  But I find excitement in the minusha of everyday…

Today the world with instagram, facebook etc. one can easliy think that everyone else is having a great life, lots of excitement.  So maybe they are but it doesn’t do to compare ourselves to anyone.  YOU can make YOUR life exciting by your own definition…! Maybe life only needs to be simple, and that can be an exciting thought. 

We know the feeling of wanting to “feel normal”.  You probably feel normal already but you are comparing your normal to everyone elses and it doesn’t seem to fit.  Your normal is right for you!  

The truth is – we all have to  define the “who am I” , “what am I”, “where am I” and “when am I”  in our lives.  You are quite capable of doing that.  Hell what could be more exciting than that?