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4 Comments on "I want to die and i have no family support, they just think that i’m a dumb shit"

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Hey again, 

Family doesn’t have to be by blood. Support doesn’t have to come from your family.

If you’re struggling with suicidal thoughts don’t be afraid to reach out to the phone numbers listed in the comments on your last post 


You’re a fighter,




hi, In many cases family is the last place we find support.  Just seems to be the way it is..

Having said that and like -__- says- family can be found in so many other places.  You might want to get involved in a church or synoguge or mosque.

With time there is more than  one out there at will feel like the “home” we want, a place of support, love and laughter, encouragement…

Join a group for support, or start a support group.

Join a club or yup start club!

You are stronger than you might give your self credit for.  And sometimes the best support is the support we give ourselves.  

Meanwhile start with looking for support in other places.  There is lots out there to get.  Remember to support someone else too.  That is a win win situation.





It’s too difficult to involve in social activity… i’m very bad at maintening relationship too. I’m not talking only about romance, even simple friendship or amical relationship with other is very hard for me to maintain. I’m just too difficult. Too moody, too high maintenance, there is always something that is too much.
I dont know how to do now tobe better, i don’t want to be “better” in the definition of these people i love but lost because they want me to stop caring and i just can’t


Your heart will always be appreciated here.