I don’t know if I’m depressed or not

There are always things everywhere saying stuff about mental health and depression and stuff like that so maybe this is just me wanting to be special idkMy best friend isn’t talking to me as much as other people and seems to have more fun with others. I don’t want to seem needy or too dependent but I used to be able to talk to her about a lot, but now she never replies to anything I say
I’m alone so much these days, all of my friends have different lunch periods and classes, so it’s hard to stay close
I’m not sure if this is just a phase that I’ll think was stupid and attention-seeking of me in a few hours or tomorrow because I always see posts about mental illness and people pretending or overreacting
I just feel so isolated from everyone, I can’t talk to any of my friends

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Let me first say that I am not a counselor or anything, but sometimes I feel the same way. I have talked about it in family counselling before, though, and I am pretty confident in saying that we are all humans and sometimes we all make mistakes. In the case of friendship, I learned that I was afraid to tell people how I really fealt because I felt guilt/shame in telling the truth about how I feel. Guilt//Shame that I might hurt their feelings or shame because they might not reciprocate. Usually, the other person feels the same way. In the end, this leads to poor communication on boths sides of the relationship and causes frustration. Sometimes this frustration leads to explosive negative confrontation which all could have been avoided if we just let go and felt safe communicating with eachother.


Now feeling safe to communicate with eachother doesn’t mean being hurtful. Just tell the other person everything you feel without pointing fingers or laying blame. If the other person doesn’t immediately agree or refuses to see your side, it means that they feel uncofortable. Give them time, and they will come around usually. If they don’t, don’t hold it against them. They are just going through their own issues of negative feelings.


Hope this helps.