They all came in asking why are you not working? Did you know you wont get paid? Did you know you’re embarrassing us? Stop fucking with me you’re not really unwell cause you have time to fuck around your phone. Go to work you lazy lice of shit. If you don’t you’ll get kicked out.
Fuck you all. Fuck everyone. Fuck the idiocy surrounding the mammals called humans. Fuck my life. I just want it to end. Why can’t I end It?

I’m too tired to live this stupid fucking worthless piece of shit life.

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Hey, I’m so sorry you’re living through this right now. Can I just say that I think staying alive through wanting to die is the most badass thing in the world? I know, I’ve been there. It fucking sucks. 

But I want you to keep living. I’ve been where you are. I didn’t go to work and lost my job and had no money and was so depressed. It sucks. But sometimes you just can’t, you know? You can’t keep going. You need to take a break. It doesn’t make you lazy or worthless. It just is. 

I don’t want you to end your life, though. I want you to cling to something. Do you have anyone you can talk and just vent to? Like a friend or even a therapist? Or someone here? 


It’s very nice to see genuine people trying to help others. Thank you.