I have anxiety.

Soul crushing, sometimes I think I’m better off dead anxiety. I’m a child of divorce with an angry dad. I’m bisexual, and that’s not ok to some people. I look back on every single thing that I’ve ever done wrong or that I didn’t do and it kills me. Repeat thoughts are “I’m such a fuck up. Why don’t I just die.” I have panic attacks and what feels like depression. I don’t want to call a hotline because I feel like I’m wasting their time. I considered cutting myself or actually killing myself, but I can’t handle pain, so that might be a good thing. This is sloppy and rushed but I’m in a bad place and I need someone to tell me I’m worth a damn.

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Wanna be my friend?


Where can we talk aside from here? Snap? Insta? Facebook? Twitter? Even kik?


I forgot Tumblr



Hey! You’re worth a thousand fucking damns. You’re worth EVERYTHING.

I’ve been where you are. Like, two months ago, I posted on this site about wanting to kill myself. So I get it.

I have depression and anxiety and a thousand things, and I know how hard it is. You’re not a fuck-up, though. You’re a survivor and a fucking badass for being alive. I’m so glad you can’t handle pain! Please stay alive. I really want you to.