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Don’t commit suicide. You have thous of people on the internet that will help you, you don’t have to be alone through thi.


Hey. I feel you. I have this fear that my depression is a death sentence, that it means eventually I’ll die. So I totally understand. 

But I, personally, don’t want YOU to kill yourself. Because I know life is hard and it feels overwhelming, but just…it’s not worth it to end it. I was in a hospital literally two months ago because I was suicidal, but I want to tell you that life is worth living. No matter how hard.

Also. It’s not weakness to not kill yourself. It’s strength. The strongest, boldest, most amazing kind of strength. Every day you live, you’re conquering something unimaginable, and you are a BADASS, my friend. 

Stay with us, please. Always use this site if you need someone to talk to. Please. Please please please.