I’m bisexual and I’m only out to a couple of close friends. I want to come out to my parents but I have anxiety and I just can’t. I know they’ll support me, but I just don’t know what to do. I know that I can wait till I’m ready but it would be better if I got this off my chest now though.

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hi!  What greatness is that!  Your parents will support you.  It is admirable that you want to share something so personal with them.

But I get how that can be a scary thought.  When should I bring it up?…  Where should we be?…

Do you have any siblings? Cousins?  Are your close friends known to your parents?  It might help you if you have someone with you.  

Have you had any other heart to heart talks with them?  Remember those and imitate the ones that went well.

Just like anything that weighs heavy on us.  If you are sure you want to share this then just take a deep breath, shoulders back, have on your favorite clothes (all confidence builders) and tell them.  Maybe you can plan a treat for yourself for after, something that would motivate you or something you can do with them- go get ice cream cause the world will still be here…

We are rooting for you!  Let us know how it goes!  Get this done and get on with your life!  Namaste