I am tired of people around me hust asking me to do shit. Like… No body ask how you day? Or whatsupp? Or lets just talk about something. No. I say hi to someone and the (very) short conversation always ends in “do this”, or “could you do this for me?”.I am tired of people around me just asking me to do stuff. It would be nice to have a conversation at least once in a while that is just that. Talking about something. Fun, sad. Good, bad. Something that doesn’t involve asking me to do something. Just… Interested in whatever I say for once.

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If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to know how your day to day is going?


I am not sure whether it is fine or not to answer like this. I don’t know either if you will see this post, but…

If we take the headache aside it was a very nice day, thank you so much for asking. It made my day even better, though it took me tree days to notice, and I apologize for the late answer. I hope you are having a nice day and that you have many more ahead of you.