So it’s been awhile because well I’ve been getting better.. still have bad days tho.. today would be a a bad day. Feeling extra alone and extra lost. My body hurts today… haven’t eaten anything all day but I’ve thrown up twice.. trying to eat something now but I don’t really want too.. the few people I normally turn too are trying to have a nice relaxing evening so I don’t wann screw that up.. so I’m just trying to not die.. I wish I could go home but I honestly don’t even know where that is anymore .. I’m out of place I don’t belong and I wanna die.. my mind has taken over me today .. it may be better tomorrow but I’m worried about today

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Firstly, for you and people reading this that might have similar experiences, it’s important to remember that even if you have bad days and relapses, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t healing. Those are natural parts of the healing process.

When feeling alone and out of place it’s important to ground yourself. Talking to people close to you is a great way to do that, but if that can not be done at the time then reaching out to hotlines or chatrooms that specialize in mental health are a good way to get in contact with someone who listens.

If talking to someone is not an option then you could try to find something that makes you feel at home. For example, something from your childhood home or a photograph. It’s good to have at least one familiar item in your home, especially if you live alone.

You and your feelings are valid and important, and getting through the day is a big accomplishment. You’re not a burden for asking for help. I’m glad that you wrote your feelings down, if you’re ever feeling like this again you can come back to this post and remind yourself that you got through this once, you can do it again.

All the love,