tough times

everything is so overwhelming and it’s just becoming dark. i mean i’ve been sad for a long while but lately it’s just really gone down hill. im just a coward who doesn’t wanna do anything in life and who would rather die. i have no friends, my family doesn’t support me emotionally, i hate myself, im stupid so i’m barely passing classes, im afraid of literally everything in life, it’s just all to much. it feels like someone pressed the fast forward button on life and i can’t keep up and whenever i get a break it’s not long enough i need more time to get comfortable. i just can’t do anything and i’m a nobody. i have no personality i have nothing i wanna die so bad. im so tired my chest is tired my heart is tired i can feel it, im physically tired

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Hey yaboyadrian,

If you’re struggling to communicate what it is you’re dealing with to a hot line, we’re happy to help. We also recommend sharing whatever it is you have on here with the person on a hotline, so you don’t have to explain yourself twice. There’s plenty of numbers to call in our “About” section on the bottom right of the screen, but should you find the words, the best one is below. 

Suicide hotline: 800-784-2433

Again, the best thing you can do right now is communicate your feelings in an effective way. Since you’re posting on here, you already know this. Try reaching out to someone, any friend, family member, or mental health professional that you know. To bottle up what’s inside will only shake things up more. 

All the best to you,