i feel like i’m staying alive to make everyone else happy but I can’t ever be happy and I don’t wanna be here

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I was married, with a son, in my forties sitting talking with an elderly man.  He said “well you know life is a struggle”.  We all know the truth of that statement.   But it was the first time I let the truth of it in.  He said it so matter of factly that I realized it was not something to be afraid of.  It is ok.  I didn’t have to fight against that idea.  I didn’t have to insist that it not be true.

Certainly life could be struggle free, theoretically.  Sometimes it even is!  But perfect it isn’t and it is ok.  You are ok.

“Making everyone else happy” is a valuable endeavor.  However we can over do it. You must remember that you also have to make yourself happy; you must take the time and energy and treat yourself the way you would treat others.  

You must be a nice person.  Be that person to your self, be your own best friend.

  It is ok to drop whatever burden (s) you are carrying.  It is ok for you to be happy. You can be happy!