How to deal?

I think everyone has a small part of obsessive compulsive disorder right? I used to think it was just a small part of me. And then a couple years ago I started Living in my own seriously I’m paying all my bills. I noticed they got worse. So bad that when I left the house I checked my wallet for my cards my bus pass my keys my phone. And even know I knew I had everything I checked again and I checked again. No that could have been a red flag but it didn’t hurt me it didn’t affect my mind. Until one day when I checked how to spell a word and I knew was right but I checked again. And again. My mind goes against me even when I know there’s no way I could be wrong. So I started looking into anxiety. I think I have that now and a slight compulsive disorder. Now I don’t know how to deal with it because I don’t know what triggers what?! Ugh. How do I deal with this?

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Greeat you are asking how YOU deal with this.  You are looking to learn!   Lots of people just want to blame and have it all go away….Ugh I remember those felings.  You CAN learn what triggers what behavior.  Therefore you can manage/control both your feelings and behavior and have a calmer life.

We all have a tool box that we use to manage our lives. Some tools might be yelling, lying, bullying, talking it out using reason, excerise…  The idea is to develop more effecive skills (tools) so we can have a full life experience.  So the goal is to learn how to find the triggers for your behavior, and learn the tools to change it. 

For me there was/is no one answer. You come at the learing/tool making from multipul angles.  1) Talking with others here is a great thing to do.  Do it often!  2) What would you do if you were feeling sick all the time?  You would go to the local doctor and talk about your symptoms.  Do the same process.  You might start with your GP and get recommendations, or if you don’t have one look for a counceling clinic or a behavioral pshycologist. 

3) Go to the library/internet (please do not rely on just information from the internet) and learn what you can by reading about it all.

4)I suggest you work on developing a faith, a philosphy for your life if you don’t already have one.  Deepen the one you have if you do…prayer and meditation are a big help…

5) Don’t be afraid to talk about the situation.  You will enjoy a sense of relief and you will find others around you struggling with the same sort of things.

Please keep in touch and let us know what is (or isn’t) working for you.  That way  we can learn too!