i honestly dont know anymore

I don’t know what I feel; I know I don’t want to live but at the same time I just hope it’ll get better…but it’s not. I know ill probably end up killing myself in the future; it’s been a plan of mine for almost three years now and I can just feel that it’s not going to change.

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Hey bud,

If you’re struggling to communicate what it is you’re dealing with to a hot line, we’re happy to help, and you can also share whatever it is you post on here with one, so you don’t have to explain yourself twice. There’s plenty of numbers to call in our “About” section on the bottom right of the screen, but should you find the words, the best one is below. 

Suicide hotline: 800-784-2433

Again, the best thing you can do right now is communicate your feelings in an effective way. Since you’re posting on here, you already know this. Try reaching out to someone, any friend, family member, or mental health professional that you know. To bottle up what’s inside will only shake things up more. 

All the best to you,



Sometimes just a stream of conscienceness sort of writing is helpful in figuring out our feelings.  If you want just start typing out words/phrases here. 

you might surprise yourself with what you can learn by doing so.