Me Too

Today has been pretty hard/ pretty great for me. As soon as I logged on to social media this morning, I was flooded with stories of women who have had unwanted sexual advances towards them. As I scroll through my timeline, its pretty hard to hold back tears reading stories hashtagged #MeToo. It has also been pretty hard because it takes me back to times where I have experienced these situations and I feel like I am experiencing it again. I wish I were brave enough to join in the campaign #MeToo and not be anonymous but we live in a culture where when people come out as been in those kind of situations, they are looked upon as fragile. I am so proud of all the girls who have shared their stories and by doing so, they have encouraged other girls including myself. I am fortunate enough that non of my experience resulted in actual rape but it was still very dramatizing. Because to me #MeToo is being 9 years old and having an older man touch you and watch you naked and being completely weak and helpless. #MeToo is being 15 and having a guy friend touch you and when you hesitate, him yelling at you and i quote “Guys are going to try to touch you, you have to get over it and let them”. #MeToo is being 16 and your boyfriend tries to force himself on you and thinking it’s ok because you are dating and when you refuse and tell him about your past he tells you to “get over it”. #MeToo is all the in between, its the unwanted cat calls or the strange men cornering you in the street, the unwanted cheek or hand kisses from strangers. It’s so easy to blame myself and think I should have done more. I should scream, I should hit, I should say NO louder. But all those times I did say NO. many, many times. #MeToo should be about boys taking responsibility and understanding they have a power to cripple us and that next time they think they are being “flattering”. They should reconsider and actually think about what they are doing to the women they are forcing themselves upon.

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I have actually had two friends say “me too”.  And I never knew.  Go ahead and say it.  THe whole point of “Me too” is that to say it is VERY impowering. You have NOTHING to hide bevause as you say at the end of your post boys have to take more responsibility.

What boys DO NOT have is the power to cripple us or YOU.  You have the power to protect yourself and you should NOT give it away. 

I encourage you to say “me too” on line out loud and to friends famly and counselors who will listen.  Join the (or start) the campaign that does teach boys/men that “No Means No”.